Better Email Marketing = More Revenue

Harness the power of email & marketing automation without scrambling to find qualified consultants or staff a new department.  

Trust autosend to be your outsourced marketing automation experts and email marketing consultants. 

Why autosend your Marketing Automation?

Dedicated Account Manager

Spend time growing your business, not project managing. 
Enjoy easy communication and one responsive point of contact for all your marketing automation initiatives. 

Bespoke Strategy

Unique businesses deserve unique strategies.
Don’t guess with “spray & pray” strategies- our experts work with you to craft effective strategies that work.

Complete Email Creation

From content to design, we do it all. 
Clickable subject lines, tantalizing preview text, stunning design, CTAs,
and tracking KPIs – autosend is a total marketing automation solution. 

List Management & Segmenting

Deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.
Tag, sort, and segment your list to provide an empathetic customer journey that increases conversions & goodwill. 

KPI Tracking & Reporting

Solid strategy is only part of the equation.
Accurate, up-to-the-minute data reporting measures success and helps further hone your strategy.  

Transparent Accountability

It’s your business. We just help you market it. 
Get regular reporting, true KPI tracking and honest effort – no jargon or salesmanship. 

You're 3 steps away from automation success

Schedule a call

We’ll take the time to get to know you, your business and your goals before we commit to helping you reach them. 

Strategy session

We work closely with your team to craft a strategy that’s built for success – however you define it. 


autosend it

With a strategy in place, our team gets to work. You enjoy an easy approvals process, regular updates, and as much (or as little) communication as you like. 

The experts you need for the results you want


Experienced CMO works with your Marketing Team to tailor strategies that meet your business objectives. 


Our tech team handles seamless systems integration, API connections, conversion tracking, and more.


Professional graphic designer creates stunning, on-brand images and templates that you can re-use. 


Certified Conversion Copywriter and brand writer creates copy that inspires action and builds brand affinity.  

You're in
good hands!

We’re a small team of dedicated marketers with decades of agency experience. 

And we noticed something…

(Almost) anyone can build you a website, post on your social media, run some ads or write you a blog. 

But none of these things generate consistent, cost-effective revenue like email marketing does. 

So why don’t more agencies offer email marketing and automation?

The answer: marketing automation, done well, is hard

That’s why most agencies don’t offer it.

And that’s why autosend exists.

With autosend, you've got options!

No two businesses are alike. 
That’s why we offer a range of simple, easy-to-understand solutions that deliver real value and are scalable as your business and goals grow. 

Outsourced Marketing Automation Department

Think of us as your in-house Email Marketing Department, without the in-house price tag. 

Our expert team will partner with your Marketing Leader to handle all aspects of your marketing automation – from strategy to email production, sending, tracking, and more. 

The flexibility and expertise of an agency, with the quality and reliability of an in-house team. 

Project-based Marketing Automation Expertise

Want expert advice for your automation efforts but aren’t ready to commit to an ongoing marketing automation strategy? 

Or maybe you have an important launch, partnership, or new product to announce and want to make sure you do it right?

Count on us to provide the help you need, when you need it, without committing to an ongoing relationship until you’re ready.

Marketo, Hubspot, ActiveCampaign Certified Partners

autosend is the #1 choice for businesses who are serious about generating revenue with email marketing automation.

But it can be intimidatingly complex.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or don’t have an email marketing specialist on staff, let us help you set up email templates, integrate it with your CMS, segment your lists or even craft your triggered automations. 

We won’t just do it for you – we’ll empower you & your team with the knowledge to do it yourself, too. 

Ensure incredible value -
with Outsource Accelerator

Scale your business fast while reducing costs – the average in-house email marketing team costs 4 times more than an autosend retainer.

The easiest way to build an automation team

Don't struggle with marketing automation.
autosend it.

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