Email marketing is the undisputed leader in B2B marketing.
In any industry.

Email automation software & service

Supercharged ROI

B2B email marketing delivers 42x ROI.*

That’s right – an average of $42 in revenue for every $1 spent (if you do it right). 

Email marketing is an invaluable tool in any industry, but unless you have an email marketing expert on staff, it’s a tool few growing businesses can afford. 

Let’s change that. 

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Why email marketing automation?

B2B marketing isn’t about sales and leads. It’s about creating trusting relationships.

autosend lets you create personalized lifecycle messaging that nurtures profitable relationships, regardless of industry or team size.

And you can do it at scale. 

Own your list

The key difference between social media and email?

You own your email list; you don’t own your social media followers. And you sure don’t own your PPC audience.

Companies that allocate resources to email marketing enjoy over 40x more ROI than those that focus on paid ads (which generate $2 for every $1 spent, on average).

And they do it without worrying about algorithm and policy changes. 

Support your Sales Team

The strongest Sales Teams work closely with Marketing to stay on brand and on message. 

autosend breaks down departmental barriers by making it easier to add marketing finesse to sales messages, gather data, and synergize strategies. 

Meaning your business shows up as its best self, every time. 

Maximize your ABM

Stop trying to woo the masses with mass marketing. Focus your efforts on the market fit that’s most likely to convert. 

Leverage Account-Based Marketing to identify, engage, land and expand your target clients by strategizing and deploying laser-focused messaging.

Then automate it. 

Grow list. Grow revenue. Repeat.

Ethically grow your opt-in list by capturing every lead opportunity, every time. 

Create effective code-free lead-capturing pop-ups, slide-ins, exit messages, and more. Without a developer or designer. 

autosend integrates easily with just about every content management system. 

Boost business ratings

Use email marketing to capture more 5-star reviews. Encourage happy clients to use your preferred review platforms, and give your team the opportunity to help customers who might not be so happy. Before they leave a review.

Integration is easy

Integrate autosend with your favorite CMS, subscription management, review networks, CRM, or rewards platforms.

Case study

ProperLBC’s SMS strategy to drive repeat How L.G.R World Increased Revenue by 143%


  • A lack of 360-degree user interaction based on actions taken on eCommerce and in brand stores
  • No segmentation, mainly based on gender, interests, geographic origin, and position/phase in the customer journey
  • The need to enhance sales performance through a tool capable of nurturing the relationship with customers in a consistent and customized way

The Solution

  • Dynamic segmentation to learn about lists and making the best use of them through data collected across touchpoints
  • Conditional content and webhooks allowed for customization of email content while maximizing setup time
  • Integrations with eCommerce and point of sale have significantly improved the quality and quantity of the database and optimized sales performance

Increase engagement

Think engagement metrics only matter on social media?

Email engagement means more immediate revenue, greater customer long-term value, higher conversion rates, and increased customer retention. In every industry. 

Plus, gain invaluable qualitative insights from the people who matter most – your customers and clients. 

Data that matters

Open rate only tells part of the story.

Uncover the story behind the open rate with our powerful and surprisingly user-friendly data collection tools. Gain useful insights into what works (and what doesn’t) for your audience.

Get actionable email marketing data, no analytics expert or data scientist required. 

"$97k (or 48%) of our revenues in the first 20 months of operation are directly attributable to emails."

Integrated with my Shopify store on day one, and immediately used paid traffic to grow our list to 10k in 90 days. Email is my primary selling tool. 

Debbie Hodge

Marketing automation for everyone

If your business thrives on relationships, autosend will help your business thrive.