Why MarketerHire?

We’ve made it easy to hire great marketers. With pre-vetted talent and expert hand-matching, you can add a proven marketer to your team in less than a week.


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In-House Hire
Online Freelance Platform
Time to hire Marketers
3-5 days
1-3 months

2-3 weeks




Pre-vetted Candidates




Very Low


Very High
Free Rematching



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Proven and Vetted

Our talent team is constantly finding and recruiting the best marketers to freelance on our platform. They have fantastic experience, proven expertise, and excellent communication.

Fast, Expert Matching

We’ll hand-match you to a marketer that fits your project and budget in 48 hours. Most of our client projects are kicked off within a week.


Transparent Pricing

We won’t sign you up for an ambiguous or long term contract. Hourly, Part-Time, or Full-Time just like any other hire.

Personal Support

You’ll partner with a marketing manager through the entire process. They’ll discuss your project with you, help determine what you need, and hand-match you to a marketer. After your hire starts, they’ll check in to make sure our high standards are being met.


What we can do

MarketerHire is a network of pre-vetted, freelance marketers. Our mission is to connect expert marketers with businesses quickly and seamlessly.

Any Engagement

Any Location

Dominate Specific Channels

Test something new or improve an existing channel. We have the very best experts for Facebook, Adwords, SEO, Email, Content Marketing, and many others.

Add Marketing Leadership

Hire a CMO to manage from brand to performance marketing, or maybe a Growth Marketer to establish data-driven testing across all channels.

Build Out an Entire Team

We can help you build out an entire team of proven experts for significantly less time and money than risky full-time hires or expensive agencies.

Provide Marketing Support Services

Marketing can’t happen without good support. We can help you find great copywriters and analysts to support your team.

How it works

Our mission is to connect expert marketers with businesses quickly and seamlessly.


Describe your project

What kind of marketer do you need? What marketing tools are you using?
What specific skills do you need?

Tell us about your project. Are you looking for a single channel expert or to build out a multi-channel team? MarketerHire can handle it. We’ll schedule a call with you to learn more about your project and get a better understanding of your exact needs.


Meet your perfect marketer

We can match you with a marketer within 48 hours.

Once we understand your project, we’ll search our network of marketers to find a great match. Tell us you like our recommended marketer and we’ll schedule an intro call so you can meet them and review the project. If you’re unsure about the freelancer, we’ll set up more intros.



Kick off your project

We’ll be there to make sure things run smoothly.

As soon as you approve your marketer, they’ll be ready to kick off the project and integrate into your team. We check-in every two weeks. If for whatever reason you’re not happy with your marketer, we’ll match you with a new one.

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