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autosend helps eCommerce brands make more money using targeted email and SMS marketing. All in one easy to use, easy to love platform.


Pre-made eCommerce email automations designed to sell more stuff.


Carefully-crafted, fully-automated text messages build brand love and make sales.


Industry-leading software with targeted tracking, segmenting, predictive analysis and more.


Unlimited 1:1 support and free, unlimited access to an always-growing template library. 

“If you're not doing this, you're losing ground”

Deliver targeted messages in real time, create authentic connections, and make more money. 100% automated.

For everything under the eComm sun

No matter your niche, we’ve got the eCommerce automations that are right for your brand. 

Beauty & Cosmetics

Keep it classy with thoughtful automations like refill reminders, beauty tips, suggestions and more.

Food & Beverage

Seconds, anyone? Fill up on the good stuff with automations you can build once and serve hot & fresh forever.

Fashion & Apparel

Style meets substance with empathetically-designed automations that sell style without selling out.

Fitness & Outdoors

Sweat sessions are for the gym, not marketing. Explore easy automation ideas that do the heavy lifting for you.

Health & Wellness

You keep your customers healthy & well - how about a little self-care for your marketing strategy, too?

Lifestyle & Home

Think of autosend as the Roomba of marketing tools. Except it never runs out of battery charge.

Smart eCommerce stores prefer autosend

Everything you need for OMG! results

Ethically explode your subscriber list

Conversion-optimized landing pages, campaigns, pop-ups, slide-ins, and embedded capture forms make it easy to add list members and grow your audience. 

Plus, compliance comes standard – we’ll add the right legal lingo to make sure you’re well within best practices. 

Marketing on autosend

autosend lets you create the warm and fuzzies easily and at scale. 

Like welcome messages 👋, post-purchase upsells, abandoned cart emails, product notifications, and even subscriber-reviver sequences to win back business. 

Or laser-target your tribe using whatever makes sense for you – location, purchase history, behavior, engagement (and all of the above). 

Your data + autosend = ❤️

Your customers don’t have time for irrelevant messages, and neither do you. 

autosend works with your data to make sure each customer gets treated like your only customer. Deliver timely, targeted, relevant messages that rep your brand, increase engagement and drive conversions. 

And you can make them look cool, too. 

B2C? Think H2H

Call us old school, but we believe good marketing comes down to being a good human and talking to people like, well… humans. 

So screw the sales-ey stuff and focus on providing a killer customer experience with real text message conversations & the lightning-fast responses that customers love. 

And it’s all way easier than you think. 

Let's integrate!

Use our API to connect autosend to your CRM, help desk, email, review platform, pop-up builder, and more. 

Seamlessly support your sales and funnel strategy.

“A huge part of our overall growth can be traced back to our growth with email marketing.” 

How huge?  Try exploding online sales by 300% and more than doubling email marketing performance from 12% of sales to 35% of sales. 

Talk about impact. 

Clients 🫰 autosend

Why? Either because we make making money easier or because we make providing stellar service simpler. Or both. 

See what autosend clients have to say

autosend lets me engage every single customer like I’m personally reaching out. With all my customer data in one place, I can use it to automate personalized content and recommendations that address each customer’s needs and inspire their loyalty.
Laboratoire Hollis
“It's very helpful to be able to drill down to an individual client and watch their exact path... And that's where we felt autosend had the strongest capability.”
Alec Mitchell
Party Headphones
autosend helped us create almost any automation or logic sequence we wanted to test without needing a developer to create custom codes.
Apple Rose Beauty

Let's talk ROI

Automated revenue?
Yes, please!

Clients who use autosend SMS automations typically see a 25x ROI. 

For email marketing, that figure jumps to 36x (yeah – an average of $36 made for every $1 spent). 

And that’s no one-shot deal, either – our automations are carefully (obsessively, some would say) crafted to maximize LTV and keep your happy customers coming back again & again. 

Featured Case Study: Apple
Rose Beauty

“A huge part of our overall growth can be traced back to our growth with email marketing.” 

How huge?  Try exploding online sales by 300% and more than doubling email marketing performance from 12% of sales to 35% of sales. 

Talk about impact. 

It's more than expertise

It’s expertise, coaching, 1:1 help, and a whole lot of education and support to help you get the very most out of autosend and your automation strategy. 

Because empowerment is awesome.

Tech Experts

A designated expert will work with you 1:1 to setup, integrate and launch your autosend account. Then, we'll equip you with all the helpful how-tos, tutorials and on-demand support you need.

Marketing Experts

Because autosend is more than another martech solution - it's a marketing automation powerhouse. We've got your back with expert tutorials from seasoned marketers who love to make you money.

Marketing automation for all

Why choose between email and SMS? Get ’em both in one super-easy platform.