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A Smarter Way to Refer Patients

Our AI-powered platform streamlines the referral process so you can focus on patient care.
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What's the problem?

65% of medical referrals are done through fax...

Referring patients today is frustrating and time-consuming‚Äč for both doctors and patients. Our solution uses advanced AI to instantly match patients with the right specialists and automatically book appointments based on availability, insurance coverage, and optimal location.
What's the solution?

By digitizing and automating referrals, our platform allows you to:

Reduce Administrative Burden

No more manual phone calls, faxes or paperwork. Our AI matching and integrated scheduling removes the administrative headache of referrals.

Improve Care Coordination

Patient medical records are retrieved and shared securely over our HIPAA-compliant platform, avoiding delays in information transfer.

Delight Patients

By removing the referral booking burden from patients, we ensure they receive timely access to optimal care tailored to their needs.

Our Vision

Building the Future of Healthcare Referrals

Seamless referrals facilitated by advanced technology

Reduced delays in patient care through optimization

Complete coordination and collaboration between providers

Data-driven approach to matching patients and specialists

Frictionless scheduling resulting in improved outcomes

Ongoing innovation to enhance the patient and provider experience

2024 Goals

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Raise $3m seed round
Build core team
Build MVP

Why do this now?

Each year, over 130 million patients are referred from primary care to specialty care – yet this pivotal process remains mired in antiquated tools like faxes and phone calls. As a result, patients face long delays getting appointments, providers deal with frustrating administrative tasks, and breakdowns in care coordination occur.

65% of providers still use fax machines to manage referrals. Patients wait an average of 33 days to see a specialist after initial referral. Nearly half of referral orders contain incomplete information.

This broken status quo results in billions wasted annually on unnecessary appointments, redundant tests, and poor outcomes when patients fall through the cracks.

We’re driven to radically optimize referrals because we believe care journeys shouldn’t get stuck in the past. By combining human-centered design and cutting edge technology, we’re creating a platform that automates coordination between providers, reduces delays for patients, and powers intelligent optimizations.

We envision a future where referrals are seamless, insightful, and effective – connecting patients with precise care needs to the right doctors at the right time. The technology is here. The experts are here. The vision is clear. The time for change is now.

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