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Don't Lose a Golf Ball Again.

Tired of losing your golf ball on the course? autosend needs your help to make the most disruptive ball yet, a reality.

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What's the problem?

Losing a golf ball during play

If you golf, you know how frustrating it feels to spend your precious time searching for your ball. If you can’t find it within a reasonable time, you are penalized.

What's the solution?


The autosend system tracks your ball location off the tee, on the fairway and the green. We’ve packaged together the technology for this to be reality.

Ultra-wideband sensor

Tracks location data better than GPS or Bluetooth, and relays data in real-time to accurately track a ball’s position

High Performance Antennas

Positioned around the course that track the ball and players, leading to faster and more accurate location tracking

Handheld Device

Tracks how an object moves in space

Our Vision

We're starting with ball positioning but our vision is some next-level stuff.

Distance to Pin

Spin Rate

Time & Distance of Carry

Ball Velocity

Angle of Descent


2023 Goals

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