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What we do

autosend is a cutting-edge, nationally recognized email marketing agency dedicated to elevating your brand through innovative marketing solutions, custom strategies, channel expertise, and flawless execution.


Email automations optimized to engage, inform and, most importantly, convert your target audience members. 


Professionally designed templates are consistently on-brand, fast loading, and easily repurposed again & again. 


Enterprise marketing software expertise with targeted tracking, tagging & segmenting, predictive analysis, and more.


Unlimited 1:1 support and free, limitless access to an always-growing learning library to empower your team. 

If you're not doing this, you're losing ground

Email Marketing generates an average of $42 in revenue for every $1 invested. No matter your industry, email marketing is a proven revenue generator. 

Generate, nurture and convert leads

Create a personal approach – easily and at scale – in every industry.

Business services

Market your service offering to interested professionals in applicable industries to target, acquire, nurture and convert leads – all automated.

Financial services

Rational buyers appreciate a logical approach that enlightens email recipients while demonstrating your expertise. Do it with a human touch, and at scale.


Promote product launches, update on industry trends, case studies, and more – useful information positions you as a reliable industry authority. 


Medical execs may be busy, but everyone checks their email! Professional, educational material adds value while nurturing leads. 


People are the lifeblood of every industry. Reach, engage and nurture them with a uniquely human approach – the way only email marketing can.


Nurture buyers and connect email marketing with your eCommerce hub to seal the deal with ease and unmatched convenience for your partners. 

Collect leads

Lead-generating landing pages, campaigns, pop-ups, slide-ins, and embedded capture forms make it easy to collect interested leads and grow your email marketing audience. 

Plus, compliance comes standard – we use the right strategies to ensure you’re well within legal requirements and industry best practices. 

Nurture leads

autosend lets you create human business connections easily and at scale. 

Like welcome messages, introduction emails, appointment reminders, newsletters, and even subscriber-reviver sequences to re-engage otherwise lost leads and nurture them through your sales funnel. 

Close more deals

Great marketing is always H2H – Human 2 Human. Our strategies focus on providing a top-notch client experience, so every lead feels like your only lead. 

Let email marketing collect, prime, and educate your interested leads. Once they’ve decided they’re ready to buy, automatically connect them with your sales team to close the deal. 

Data that matters

We rigorously split test, collect data and analyze performance to continually refine and improve your email marketing campaigns. 

No more guessing games, running complicated reports, or copying what your competitors are doing. This is data-driven marketing at its best. 

We are Certified

Our team is certified and experienced in the top enterprise marketing automation software. So you get the most out of your investment.

Seamlessly support your sales and funnel strategy​

“A huge part of our overall growth can be traced back to our growth with email marketing.” 

How huge?  Try exploding online sales by 300% and more than doubling email marketing performance from 12% of sales to 35% of sales. 

Talk about impact. 

Let's talk ROI. Good business is all about the numbers.

Clients who use autosend email marketing typically see a 4200% ROI ($42 for every $1 spent).*

And that’s just the beginning – our automations are carefully crafted to maximize LTV and keep your contacts engaged, without being alienated. 

*According to snov.io

Featured case study: Apple Rose Beauty

“A huge part of our overall growth can be traced back to our growth with email marketing.” 

How huge?  Try increasing online sales by 300% and more than doubling email marketing performance from 12% of sales to 35% of sales. 

Talk about impact. 

What autosend clients have to say

Data-driven, human B2B connections at scale?
Yes, it is possible. And affordable. 

It's more than expertise

It’s expertise on your terms. 

Whether you need occasional consulting or want the power of an in-house email marketing team with the flexibility of an agency, autosend offers the support you need with the care you deserve. 

Tech support

Our tech team will work with your tech team or web developer 1:1 to setup, integrate and launch your autosend account.

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Marketing experts

autosend is more than another martech solution – it’s a team of passionate email marketers who are here to support your business.

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Email excellence for all

Every business deserves excellent email marketing, but only a handful get it.
Let’s change that. 

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